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Sun, beautiful beaches, and crystal water that's the Maldives Islands. The Maldives is gifted with a number of islands & very few denizens in them so the guests never feel crowded in, ensuring a calm atmosphere ideal for honeymoon trips, Maldives honeymoon tour packages from Kochi. Stay away from your hustle & bustle  & find some quality time with your beloved one in the Maldives.

The great Maldives Islands, consists of a group of alluring 26 atolls. Out of the 1190 islands present, 200 islands are inhabited. Tourism accounts for approximately 30% of the economy. Singapore Malaysia is also a popular honeymoon destination in the world, Singapore Malaysia honeymoon tour packages from Kerala. The Maldives is considered as a diver's paradise. The islands in Maldives are blessed with over a thousand species of fish and other underwater life inhabit. The clear water in the islands therein Maldives is very special. Since there you can avail the guidance of certified dive instructors there, even an amateur diver can enjoy the charm of Maldives' underwater life. Europe tour packages from Kochi is also a  very popular tour packages from Kerala,

Diving & Snorkeling are the top-rated water activities in Maldives. Apart from diving & snorkelling other fun activities include dolphin watching, surfing, sight-seeing, Spa, whale watching, and also night fishing. If romance is your high priority and you are looking for places to go for a beautiful beginning, Thailand honeymoon tour packages from Kerala is the best choice for you. The Maldives offer a place where people can relax & enjoy, throw away the stress. The beautiful sandy beaches tempting the travellers to have some fun. Book for a Maldives honeymoon tour packages from Kerala, have a great holiday.

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