How to pack for your travel in 30 minutes

So, you decided to go for a holiday to your favourite place, its great. It’s better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times, International honeymoon packages from Kochi. For a short trip, a small carry-on bag is perfect. Choose the bag according to the duration of your trip. With skill, you can pack all your essentials smartly within thirty minutes. First, make a list of items that you have to pack. Before you begin assembling all your stuff,  you should be aware of the weight limit of your luggage. Before going to Maldives honeymoon tour packages from Kochi, know the present whether wherever you are going to & pack accordingly. Here is a checklist of items to be packed for your next journey

•    Pack the clothes according to the duration of the trip. Pack one additional pair of clothes in case an emergency occurred. Don’t forget to pack night clothes. If it’s a business cum pleasure trip, pack a pair of formals too. Carry lightweight clothes instead of heavy ones.

•    Pack no more than a pair of sandals, sneakers and if needed, a pair of formal kicks.

•    Before heading for Thailand honeymoon tour packages from Kochi don’t forget to carry the chargers of both laptops and phones.

•    Packing a first aid kit is necessary. You should be prepared for the ailments that can occur while travelling.

•    Pack necessary items like purse, credit cards, laptops, mobile phone, necessary documents like passport etc.

How to pack

• Wash & iron your clothes & roll and fold your clothes properly. Arrange the clothes in the order that you are supposed to take out.

• Fold your socks and keep it inside your shoes pack it on the side corner.

• It's better to keep the lightweight items like kerchiefs, undergarments, belts or stoles in any corner of the suitcase.

• If you are carrying your laptop, keep the other electronic items, necessary travel documents & books in the laptop bag.

• Finish the packing with a large top layer before heading for Thailand tour packages from Kochi

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